Winner of the 2004 Waltham Forest Design Award the building is located on a site shrouded by the bulk of an adjacent cinema, off a small cobbled mews in the centre of Walthamstow and plays a significant urban role, being viewed from both entrances and signalling the regeneration of the Victorian mews.

The building cantilevers beyond the façade of its neighbours so that it acts as a ‘shopwindow’ for the business centre and at night, a beacon within Hatherly Mews.

Unlike its brick neighbours, it is constructed using a steel frame and lightweight cladding. This enables windows to be as large as possible to bring natural light into office and meeting spaces. Inside a mezzanine is suspended within the main space, creating a box within a box.

In the September 04 issue of Blueprint, architecture critic Brendan Woods wrote: ‘The section is well organised...The design works extremely well, creating a raised sitting / informal meeting area which feels luxurious in relation to what is a very small office. Blackwell Friend is to be congratulated on an intelligent and crisp proposition.’


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