The addition of a modest rooftop artist’s studio to a modern house designed by award winning American architect Joyce Owens. 

Friend and Company created a design that was invisible from the street, carved from the context of the neighbouring grade II

listed church.  Strategically placed windows create prescribed views that don’t overlook the surrounding houses, with skylights designed to capture and harness maximum indirect light for the artist and point to the neighbouring church tower. 

The proposed zinc cladding echoes materials used by the Joyce Owens, thus blurring the boundaries between the old and the new and making the studio a contemporary ‘mansard’ roof.

The proposal includes the addition of a new roof garden linked by a glass bridge that spans the existing rooflight.  Timber decking steps, lead down from the glass link bridge to the new rooftop garden that is clad in a large mesh balustrade on which honeysuckle and jasmine will grow.

Planning was granted in April 2010 and the studio was completed in November 2012.


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