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Working with Artist Hannah Sawtell, Sound Mirror is a 10m high by 35m deep concrete land art sculpture commissioned by the Focal Point Gallery in partnership with Southend on Sea Borough Council for a site in the Two Tree Island Nature Reserve in a site of special and scientific interest (SSSI).

The Sound Mirror was proposed for a sound installation and annual music festival, designed amplify as well as contain sound as part of an art installation. The design expresses the performative nature of Sawtell’s work as well as responds to the surrounding landscape inhabited by 1920s military installations used in World War II to listen for approaching planes before they were visible to the naked eye as they crossed the English Channel and before the advent of radar.

There are a number of original structures of a similar design still in existence around the country some of which are protected heritage assets and the idea was that this would also draw attention to the local historic monuments as well as offer facilities for community uses and local way-finding.

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Hannah Sawtell - artist


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